Tuesday 13 September 2011

BBAW 2011 (Tuesday) - Interview Swap

Today's topic is the interview, and to that end, I recently fired off some questions to Cecelia from The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia.  Enough from me, here is what she had to say :)

Tell me your life story (in about three sentences!).
I'm from a large family in the Seattle area, and I grew up swimming and camping and reading (it was pretty freaking idyllic, if you must know).  I went East for college, and after many moves and travels abroad, I've grown up a tad and now make my home in Washington, DC.  I still read, camp, and swim, and travel slightly less - but I try to make up for it on the internets.

Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog to keep up with my sister, and to journal my daily adventures.  Then I realized I was talking a lot about books.  So... it kind of morphed into a book blog.  My first blog post was about coffee.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading and why?
I enjoy reading (and do read) almost everything.  Ketchup bottles, the Sports section of the newspaper, medical brochures - you name it.  On the blog, though, I mostly stick to young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and science fiction/fantasy.  Why?  Long-standing addiction.  Also: the YA blog world is very welcoming and comment-happy, so I feel validated.  True story.

What do you really hate about blogging?
Hate is a strong word.  What I dislike about blogging is that if I hit a reading slump, I'm out of luck.  The blogging world doesn't stop for anyone.  When I return, I inevitably feel like I've missed out.  Thankfully, there are some really lovely people who welcome you back each time.  That's the thing I love about blogging.

Should blog giveaways require people to follow to enter (or to get bonus chances)?
I do not have firm thoughts either way.  I personally no longer require a 'follow' to enter giveaways, nor offer bonus entries.  But in the past I've done this, and still do enter an occasional contest that requires me to follow the blog.

The bricks-and-mortar bookshop - at death's door or alive and kicking?
Physical bookshops are a little bit closer to alive and kicking than dead.  While people are still reading and still excited to meet the authors of the books they're reading, I think there'll be space for bookstores.

Do you read a lot of books from outside your home country?  Why (not)?
A majority of the books I read are from American authors, simply because they dominate the shelf space and internet space here.  BUT.  I am quite, quite fond of several British and Commonwealth authors, and of my absolute favorite authors (who I'll pick up anything by), the breakdown is as follows: 3 Brits, 1 Australian, 1 Kiwi, 4 Americans.  I'm equal opportunity country-wise as long as the writing is fabulous.

Do you see yourself blogging in ten years' time?  If so, how different do you think your blog will be from now?
I'm not sure I'll be blogging in ten years' time - in fact, I'm inclined to say I won't be.  I WILL still be writing, though.  It's become a sort of therapy, and I'd eventually like to make it profitable therapy.  How that will work, I'm not sure.  Whatever happens, though, I think I've got writing pretty fairly worked into my soul.

Thank you for the great questions, Tony!

Always happy to meet new people :)  A big thank you to Cecelia for answering my rather tetchy questions, and if you want to see what she asked me (and what I answered...), why not visit the other half of the conversation on Cecelia's blog?