Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tales of the Wounded

Standing, I salute you all, ready to inform you of... well, not much really. It is now eleven days since the GBC (great back crisis), and I am writing this fortified by red wine and standing with the keyboard precariously balanced on the back of my usual seat. I'm not really sure why I'm writing (although, having read the previous sentence, you may have your own thoughts on this matter), but since when did having very little to say stop anyone from publishing their thoughts (not looking at anyone in particular {cough, Dan Brown})?

Anyway, I'm ploughing through 'Anna Karenina' (again) at a fair rate of knots and will be ready with a review shortly - although you may wish to skip it if you are one of those people that Wordsworth Editions describe as regarding Anna as one of literature's best-loved creations; I don't quite see her that way... Not that I don't like the book (it's great); sometimes it's important to treat the book and the eponymous hero(ine) separately.

Nothing to report on the acquisitions front either. My absence from work (and from a computer which is not riddled with spyware) means that the Book Depository is out of bounds for the moment, and I no longer buy books from so-called 'shops' anymore - although I did get a beautiful Charlie & Lola book entitled 'This is actually MY party' for little Emily last time I ventured out of the house. Of course, I still have a dozen or so unread books snoozing somewhere on my bookcase, so it's not as if I'm going to go hungry anytime soon.

Speaking of unread books, there are a few there which must, nay, WILL be read by the end of 2009. I believe that I have already mentioned my plan to read Vikram Seth's 'A Suitable Boy', but I have a couple more novels which I would file under 'Unfinished Business'. One is 'Don Quixote', a book which I started a couple of years back but shamefully lost interest in after a hundred pages or so. The other is Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged', which I am just as determined to hate as I am to read...

One last piece of news afore ye go: as part of the impressively industrious Dan Holloway's 'Free E-Day', I will be writing a short story (all by myself!) and providing a link, here on my blog, to a free download for anyone foolish enough to wish to read it. I won't say any more about that now, but there are more details on the brochure on Dan's site for those who are interested. Oh yes, have a look at what other people are giving away too (especially Dan) - it all goes down on the 1st of December.

Hmm. Red wine does not dull pain as much as Panadeine Forte, but it definitely makes you sleepier - night, night everyone :)