Friday, 17 April 2009

Almost There

You would think that after more than a week off work, I would have ploughed through the 933 pages of Joyce's epic by now. But you would be wrong.

So what's the hold up?

Of course, my 3000-word assignment (which, due to my perfectionism, or possibly my lack of editing skills, came in at 5000-words+) was a slight impediment to my reading plans. However, the main reader's block has been my beautiful daughter, Emily, who decided this week that she really wasn't that keen on going to sleep in the evening and would prefer to howl non-stop until I sloped off to bed around midnight.

I did do my bit (even if my bit is ever so slightly under the fifty per-cent that modern society demands), but even in the few minutes I was able to snatch away from the screaming toddler, reading just did not work. Why?

Because reading 'Ulysses' while a baby screams is like running a marathon on stilts.

703 down; the next post will be the review.

No idea what I'm going to write yet. But write I will.

(Don't worry: it won't be 933 pages)