Saturday, 10 January 2015

What's Happening in January in Japan?

This is just a quick post to update everyone about the challenge kicking off 2015, January in Japan!  We're already well underway, so if you haven't joined us so far, this is what's been happening...

Four lucky readers have already won a book each by Yasunari Kawabata in the first of our Golden Kin-Yōbi giveaways, but there are more great prizes available in this week's competition, courtesy of Kurodahan Press.  Just click on the link, choose which book you'd like to win and you might be walking away with a slice of J-Lit goodness :)

This week also saw the first of our J-Lit Giants posts for 2015, with Ryū Murakami being inducted into the pantheon.  The 'other' Murakami is the thirteenth entrant into our hall of fame, but there'll be several more coming up over the next few weeks.

This year, we have two group reads planned, and the first is Hiromi Kawakami's novel ManazuruNext Thursday, the 15th of January, I'll be posting a page at the JiJ site with some information about the writer and a place for everyone to share their reviews of the book.  If you want to be involved (and you have a copy of the book), there's still time to join us...

And speaking of reviews, don't forget to have your say by adding to the list.  If you follow this link to the 2015 Reviews page, you'll be able to share all your January in Japan thoughts with the rest of the participants :)

So, what are you waiting for?  Enter the contest, read about our J-Lit Giants, and share some of your January reading - let's make January a time for J-Lit enjoyment ;)