Wednesday 1 January 2014

2014 Reading List

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131) Grass on the Wayside by Natsume Soseki
130) Masks by Fumiko Enchi
129) The Hunting Gun by Yasushi Inoue
128) Manazuru by Hiromi Kawakami
127) The Kojiki by Ō no Yasumaro
126) Almost Transparent Blue by Ryu Murakami
125) Rivers by Teru Miyamoto
124) I am a Cat by Natsume Soseki (link is to 2011 review)
123) Arpan by Park Hyoung-su
122) The Bird by O Chong-hui
121) Zone by Mathias Énard
120) The Republic of Užupis by Haïlji
119) Rain Over Madrid by Andrés Barba
118) Texas: The Great Theft by Carmen Boullosa 
117) The Adventures of Shola by Bernardo Atxaga (Emily's Review)
116) Wayfarer - New Fiction by Korean Women, edited by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
115) Die Ausgewanderten (The Emigrants) by W.G. Sebald
114) Mujong: The Heartless by Yi Kwang-su
113) Irrungen, Wirrungen (Trials and Tribulations) by Theodor Fontane
112) Blood Brothers by Ernst Haffner
111) Mario und der Zauberer (Mario and the Magician) by Thomas Mann
110) Dinner with Buffett by Park Min-gyu
109) Blumenberg by Sibylle Lewitscharoff
108) River of Fire and Other Stories by O Chong-hui
107) Alte Meister (The Old Masters) by Thomas Bernhard
106) Eine Halligfahrt (Journey to a Hallig) by Theodor Storm
105) Pavane for a Dead Princess by Park Min-gyu
104) The Parent Trap by Erich Kästner (Emily's Review)
103) Transit by Anna Seghers
102) I Refuse by Per Petterson
101) Agnes by Peter Stamm
100) Near to the Wild Heart by Clarice Lispector
99) Seiobo There Below by László Krasznahorkai
98) The Road to Sampo by Hwang Sok-yong
97) Mr. Darwin's Gardener by Kristina Carlson
96) Twentieth-Century Stories from LTI Korea 
95) Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope
94) Family Heirlooms by Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares
93) The Foundling Boy by Michel Déon
92) I Live in Bongcheon-dong by Jo Kyung-ran
91) They Were Found Wanting by Miklós Bánffy
90) Journey by Moonlight by Antal Szerb
89) Ich nannte ihn Krawatte (I Called Him Necktie) by Milena Michiko Flašar
88) One Spoon on this Earth by Hyun Ki-young
87) The Things We Don't Do by Andrés Neuman
86) A Distant Father by Antonio Skármeta
85) Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante
84) Antón Mallick Wants to Be Happy by Nicolás Casariego
83) The Plains by Gerald Murnane
82) Sidewalks by Valeria Luiselli
81) Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
80) Aller Tage Abend by Jenny Erpenbeck
79) Boyhood Island by Karl Ove Knausgaard
78) Sworn Virgin by Elvira Dones
77) There a Petal Silently Falls by Ch'oe Yun
76) Numéro Six (Number Six) by Véronique Olmi
75) My Son's Girlfriend by Jung Mi-kyung
74) The Blue Room by Hanne Ørstavik
73) The Life of Rebecca Jones by Angharad Price
72) The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon
71) The Book of Gaza by Atef Abu Saif (ed.)
70) Spirit on the Wind and Other Stories by O Chong-hui
69) Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli
68) The Mahé Circle by Georges Simenon
67) The Shadow of Arms by Hwang Sok-yong
66) Dead Stars by Álvaro Bisama
65) The Tilted Cup: Noh Stories by Paul Griffiths
64) The Book of Rio by Toni Marques and Katie Slade (eds.)
63) Paris by Marcos Giralt Torrente
62) Paradises by Iosi Havilio
61) The Beautiful Team by Garry Jenkins
60) All Played Out by Pete Davies
59) Modern Korean Fiction by Bruce Fulton and Youngmin Kwon (eds.)
58) Stingray by Kim Joo-young
57) The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante
56) The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim (link is to 2013 review)
55) Black Flower by Kim Young-ha
54) Granta 127: Japan, edited by Yuka Igarashi
53) Our Twisted Hero by Yi Mun-yol
52) Tirza by Arnon Grunberg
51) The House with a Sunken Courtyard by Kim Won-il
50) Papers in the Wind by Eduardo Sacheri
49) The Sorrow of Angels by Jón Kalman Stefánsson (link is to 2013 review)
48) The Dwarf by Cho Se-hui 
47) I'll Be Right There by Kyung-Sook Shin
46) They Were Counted by Miklós Bánffy
45) The Guest by Hwang Sok-yong
44) Why Translation Matters by Edith Grossman
43) A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli
42) Running through Beijing by Xu Zechen
41) Dispute over a very Italian Piglet by Amara Lakhous
40) Heaven and Hell by Jón Kalman Stefánsson (link is to 2013 review)
39) Ten by Andrej Longo
38) Rücken an Rücken (Back to Back) by Julia Franck
37) An Appointment with his Brother and Other Stories by Yi Mun-yol
36) Where Tigers are at Home by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès
35) Lonesome You by Park Wan-suh
34) Photo Shop Murder (and Other Stories) by Kim Young-ha
33) At Least We Can Apologize by Lee Ki-ho
32) Liveforever by Andrés Caicedo
31) Pinball, 1973 by Haruki Murakami (link is to 2009 review)
30) Nagasaki by Éric Faye
29) Hear the Wind Sing by Haruki Murakami (link is to 2009 review)
28) Oh, Tama! by Mieko Kanai
27) Revenge by Yoko Ogawa
26) The Tale of Genji: Translation, Canonization and World Literature by Michael Emmerich
25) Exposure by Sayed Kashua
24) The Corpse Washer by Sinan Antoon
23) The Dark Road by Ma Jian
22) Butterflies in November by Auður Ava Olafsdóttir
21) Art in Nature by Tove Jansson (link is to 2013 review)
20) An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (link is to 2010 review)
19) Sanshiro by Natsume Soseki (link is to 2010 review)
18) Captain of the Steppe by Oleg Pavlov
17) Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier
16) Alice by Judith Hermann (link is to 2012 review)
15) No One Writes Back by Jang Eun-jin
14) The Good Life Elsewhere by Vladimir Lorchenkov
13) The Makioka Sisters by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki (link is to 2010 review)
12) Ekaterini by Marija Knežević
11) Romola by George Eliot
10) Calling All Heroes by Paco Ignacio Taibo II
9) Bound in Venice by Alessandro Marzo Magno
8) Talking to Ourselves by Andrés Neuman
7) A Treatise on Shelling Beans by Wiesław Myśliwski
6) The Soil by Yi Kwang-su
5) Anatomie einer Nacht (Anatomy of a Night) by Anna Kim
4) The Happy City by Elvira Navarro
3) Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
2) Light and Dark by Natsume Soseki
1) A True Novel by Minae Mizumura