Sunday, 3 November 2013

October 2013 Wrap-Up

October was spent in a relaxed manner, reading and rereading whatever I felt like.  It was also the month in which I notched up the century for the year (and wrote a post celebrating an early bloggerversary!).

And now, in detail...

Total Books Read: 14

Year-to-Date: 108

New: 9

Rereads: 5

From the Shelves: 9
Review Copies: 2
From the Library:2
On the Kindle: 1

Novels: 6
Short Stories:3
Non-Fiction: 1

Non-English Language: 11 (5 German, 4 Japanese, Polish, Chinese)
In Original Language: 5 (5 German)
Aussie Author Challenge: 2 (5/3)
Japanese Literature Challenge 7: 4 (13/1)

Books reviewed in October were:
1) A Man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard
2) Bariloche by Andrés Neuman
3) The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante
4) Le Colonel Chabert by Honoré de Balzac
5) Cocaine by Pitigrilli
6) Chasing the King of Hearts by Hanna Krall
7) The Swimmers by Joaquín Perez Azaústre
8) Bullfight by Yasushi Inoue
9) Happy Valley by Patrick White
10) My Blood's Country by Fiona Capp

Tony's Turkey for October is: Nothing

Another turkey-free month (it's going to be a lean Christmas at this rate...).

Tony's Recommendation for October is:
Elena Ferrante's The Story of a New Name

There were several good reads in this bunch.  Special mentions go to The Swimmers and Bullfight, and I also enjoyed the second Knausgaard book more than I'd expected.  However, the second part of Ferrante's series was easily the highlight of the month, a book I'd highly recommend :)


November, as regular readers will know, means just one thing - German Literature Month!  Next month's reviews will be full of great G-Lit, with normal service resumed in December :)