Saturday, 3 March 2012

February 2012 Wrap-Up

February has been a strange month on the reading front.  I read a couple of longer books to start the month (one in English, one in German), and I thought I was going to struggle to finish more than a handful before the 29th...  As you can see below though, the pace eventually picked up, and I ended up with a very respectable month's reading :)

Total Books Read: 10
Year-to-Date: 21

New: 9
Rereads: 1

From the Shelves: 7
Review Copies:
From the Library: 1
On the Kindle: 0

Novels: 7
Novellas: 3

Non-English Language: 7 (3 German, 2 Russian, 1 Japanese, 1 Finnish)
In Original Language: 3 (3 German)

Books read in February were:
10) Aquis Submersus by Theodor Storm

Murakami Challenge: 0 (0/3)
Aussie Author Challenge: 2 (4/12)
Australian Women Writers Challenge: 2 (4/10)

Tony's Turkey for February is: nothing

While there were some books I didn't enjoy quite as much as the others this month, there weren't any which were actually bad or unenjoyable.  No turkeys in February :)

Tony's Recommendation for February is: Eugen Ruge's In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts

Keep an eye out for this one - it's apparently being translated at the moment, and I have no doubt that it will be one of the next big things when it eventually appears in English.  I was very impressed with Kawabata's classic, and The Brothers, the latest Peirene Press offering, was also an intriguing read.  Of course, those who know my blog well will appreciate that Trollope's chunksters are always near the top of these lists.  However, Ruge's complex story of a family and country whose fates are intertwined was easily my favourite book this month :)

And that's it for the shortest month of the year - let's see what I get up to in March with thirty-one full days at my disposal!