Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Triple-Choice Tuesday and Other Housekeeping

Today, over at Kimbofo's Reading Matters blog, I am featured on her wonderful Triple-Choice Tuesday feature, expounding merrily away upon some of my favourite reads.  If you want to see my thoughts on a favourite book, a book that changed my world and a book that should be read more, then just click here :)

If you don't, then what are you doing here in the first place?

In my previous post, I challenged my readers to name a female champion to take down the ogre that is V.S. Naipaul in literary single combat.  In addition to my original trio of Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton and the mighty George Eliot, the following writers were suggested:

   - Wendy put forward Canada's favourite not-fantasy writer, Margaret Atwood
   - Biblibio agreed with my favourite, George Eliot.
   - Eva had a terrible twosome of Toni Morrison and Jamaica Kincaid
   - Em also mentioned Atwood, as well as praising Mary Shelley
   - Colleen chose Eliot too, but also thought Hilary Mantel could walk the walk

If anyone has any other suggestions (particularly from non-English-speaking backgrounds), please join in the misogynist-bashing fun :)

On Saturday, June the 25th, there is going to be another Literary Giveaway Blog-Hop - and this time I have decided to join in.  Along with dozens of other bloggers in the literary corner of the Blogosphere (a nice, cosy, comfortable niche, with good books, fine wines and luxurious armchairs), I will be giving away a book to one of the people who comment on my blog post.

The post, specially written for the event, will appear this weekend and will feature an in-depth review of a book plus details on how to win it.  Yes, you have to wade through the review before you get to the freebies - life's like that sometimes :)  And the name of the book... well, to find that out, you'll just have to come back at the weekend, won't you?  Bye for now!