Thursday 1 January 2009

Review Policy

As people seem to be in the habit of sending me books now (or asking if I would like them sent), I thought that it was about time to post a proper review policy for Tony's Reading List.  I do enjoy receiving books from publishers, but I don't have enough time to read everything I'm offered.  I'm also hoping to avoid wasting people's precious time and money (I do understand that sending things to Australia from other countries can be fairly expensive...).  With that in mind, here is some useful information for anyone hoping to have me review a book...


1) If I request a review copy, and you send me one, I will always write a review (health permitting, and in the absence of major disasters), and I will do my best to publish it in a timely manner.  I'm not saying it will always be a positive one though :)

2) If you send me an unsolicited review copy, I may or may not read and review it.  I reserve the right to pass these books on to friends (or other bloggers), or take them to a charity shop.

3) The only books I am really interested in for review purposes are works of literary fiction (or, occasionally, non-fiction) in translation.  I am much less likely to want to read works in other genres (e.g. crime, fantasy, romance, historical fiction) or books originally written in English.

4) I am always happy to hear from publishers - feel free to e-mail me at:
               tonysreadinglist [at] y7mail [dot] com
I am always likely to reply (unless I sense that the e-mail is a mass one).

Thank you for your attention - and the interest in my blog :)